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If you have a condition that’s causing acute or chronic pain, you want effective treatment to relieve your pain and restore your quality of life. Republic Spine and Pain, in Austin, Leander, and Georgetown, Texas, offers state-of-the-art interventional pain management. The board-certified specialists apply an integrative, patient-focused approach to deliver customized treatments to alleviate your pain and improve your overall health. You don’t need to put up with chronic pain. Call Republic Spine and Pain or schedule a consultation online today.

Interventional Pain Management Q & A

What is interventional pain management?

Interventional pain management is a medical specialty that focuses on the relief of acute, chronic, and cancer-related pain. The doctors at Republic Spine and Pain have spent years studying human physiology and the complexities of pain. They offer comprehensive evaluations to diagnose and assess pain problems, including specialized testing. 

After diagnosing the cause of your pain, your doctor creates a customized treatment plan, including a variety of minimally invasive treatments to alleviate your pain as well as physical therapy and other rehabilitative therapies to support your recovery. 

While Republic Spine and Pain offers medication management, the doctors try to avoid relying on medication. Medication merely masks your pain, while interventional treatments aim to resolve the cause of your pain for lasting relief. 

What treatments does interventional pain management include?

Republic Spine and Pain provides a wide range of interventional pain management treatments, including:

  • Vertiflex® Superion® procedure
  • Epidural injections 
  • Spinal cord stimulators
  • Trigger point injections
  • Supartz knee Injections
  • Sympathetic ganglion blocks
  • Selective nerve root blocks (cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine)
  • Peripheral nerve blocks and peripheral nerve stimulators
  • Sympathetic plexus blocks (celiac and hypogastric)
  • Facet joint or medial branch nerve blocks
  • Radiofrequency neurolysis/thermal ablation
  • Discography 
  • Greater and lesser occipital nerve blocks
  • Epidural lysis of adhesions
  • Major joint or bursa injections
  • Intrathecal and spinal injection of medications
  • Placement of spinal or epidural catheters for spinal infusions
  • Percutaneous disc decompression, nucleoplasty, and annuloplasty (IDET, biacuplasty)
  • Sacroiliac (SI) joint radiofrequency ablation and joint blocks
  • Vertebroplasty/kyphoplasty
  • Facial blocks (trigeminal, glossopharyngeal, and sphenopalatine nerve blocks)

Your doctor creates a personalized, multidisciplinary treatment plan that includes the treatments and therapies you need to lead a healthy, pain-free life. 

What are the benefits of interventional pain management?

Interventional pain management is a highly adaptable field of medicine. For example, the doctors provide minimally invasive treatments that can help you avoid surgery. At the same time, they can also offer treatments to ease your pain after an operation, including the painful symptoms of failed back surgery. 

The goal of interventional pain management is to help you lead a healthy, fulfilling, pain-free live. Republic Spine and Pain wants not only to alleviate your pain but address the condition causing it for long-lasting relief and an improved quality of life. 

If you need help managing pain, call Republic Spine and Pain or make an appointment online today.