What Most People Don't Understand About Cancer Pain

Cancer is a complicated illness, where both the disease and its treatment can cause ongoing pain. Cancer pain can range from moderate to severe, and it is often debilitating enough to interfere with your ability to work and maintain your quality of life throughout treatment. That said, one of the most common misconceptions about cancer pain is that it’s inevitable. 

Depending on the type of cancer and the underlying causes of pain, there are several treatment options available to help you stay comfortable and minimize your cancer pain as you undergo treatment.

The medical experts and pain management specialists at Republic Spine and Pain offer cancer pain management services at two convenient locations in Georgetown and Austin, Texas.

Cancer pain doesn’t have to control your life

Many people with cancer will experience pain. While cancer pain may be common, whether it’s caused by tumor growth or the side effects of treatment, it can be managed and shouldn’t be ignored. 

Some people are understandably reluctant to ask for or accept even more medication to treat cancer pain, but pushing through the pain and suffering in silence is not only unnecessary, but it can also be counterproductive to your recovery, physical strength, and your mental health and emotional well-being. 

Another common misconception about cancer pain is that medication is the only way to manage and treat it. Our doctors offer interventional pain management plans that include minimally invasive treatments that work with your medications to target acute and chronic cancer pain.

Even with cancer, you can continue to live a full and active life. Pain never should be accepted as part of the process. 

How is cancer pain treated?

Our team of pain management specialists will design a cancer pain treatment plan specifically for you. No two people are alike, and what works for one person may not be sufficient for someone else.

Some of the cancer pain treatments available at Republic Spine and Pain include:

As you can see, there is more to treating cancer pain than just medications. Therefore, think of pain management as a critical part of your overall cancer treatment plan and an investment in your self-care and well-being.

At Republic Spine and Pain, we specialize in treating all types of pain. For more information about cancer pain and the treatment options available, contact Republic Spine and Pain to schedule an appointment at our Georgetown or Austin, Texas location. 

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