What No One Ever Told You About Cancer Pain

What No One Ever Told You About Cancer Pain

Pain is often associated as a “normal” side effect of cancer. That’s untrue — many treatments are available.

At Republic Spine and Pain, our team of pain management specialists offers personalized treatment plans for cancer pain from three convenient locations in Georgetown, Austin, and Leander, Texas.

A few facts about cancer pain

Like other types of pain, cancer pain is complex, with many underlying causes. Depending on the type of cancer, stage, and location of the tumors, some forms of cancer pain are caused by the pressure of the tumors pressing on nerves, the spine, bone, or organs (the tumors themselves don’t contain nerve tissue).

Another common source of cancer pain is the treatment, which often includes surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and a combination of medications. Testing and diagnostic screenings may also cause some discomfort and pain.

You might be surprised to learn that some people with cancer also experience “phantom” pain. Phantom pain develops after amputation, where people experience pain sensations after a limb or other body part has been removed.

Why you shouldn’t ignore cancer pain

Many people with cancer have come to believe that pain is a “normal” part of the process. While some forms of pain may be inevitable depending on the type of cancer and treatment, you should never accept pain as a normal part of life.

Even mild to moderate pain can affect your quality of life and make it more challenging to maintain a healthy routine while you undergo cancer treatment. 

How is cancer pain treated?

The good news is that there are many options to manage cancer pain. Our team of pain management specialists offers comprehensive treatment plans to address the source of your pain to provide relief.

Your cancer pain management plan depends on your circumstances, but some pain management treatment plans include the following:

Depending on the cause, severity, and location of your pain, our team may recommend comprehensive pain management plans that include a combination of treatments and medication when appropriate.

Even mild pain can be disruptive and negatively affect your quality of life, so don’t hesitate to seek help if your pain becomes persistent.

For more information about the cancer pain management plans available at Republic Spine and Pain, contact us today to schedule an appointment with a pain management specialist at one of our three convenient office locations in Austin, Georgetown, and Leander, Texas.

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