Trigger Point Injections: Finding Relief From Pain and Muscle Tension

Trigger Point Injections: Finding Relief From Pain and Muscle Tension

If you experience moderate to severe muscle pain and tension, chances are that your quality of life and even your health has been (or will be) affected. From interfering with your ability to exercise and maintain an active lifestyle to preventing you from doing your job, untreated pain can be disruptive and pose a significant obstacle to your health and overall quality of life.

At Republic Spine and Pain, our team of pain management doctors and specialists offer a range of pain management treatment plans and services at two convenient locations in Austin and Georgetown, Texas. 

Trigger point injections: finding relief from pain and muscle tension

Pain is a growing (and often silent) epidemic in the United States. According to statistics, at least 50 million Americans are living with some degree of pain, accounting for tens of billions of dollars of lost wages every year. Furthermore, pain accounts for $300 billion in lost productivity every year.

Depending on the cause and severity of your pain, there are many minimally and non-invasive pain treatments available to help manage and relieve your symptoms. Our team of pain management specialists works with individuals on a case-by-case basis to design a customized treatment plan that addresses their needs.

Some forms of pain are caused by “knots” or “trigger points” in a specific muscle, which prevents the muscle from relaxing, causing pain and tension. Trigger points can be sensitive to the touch, and are most common in the muscles in your arms, legs, neck, and lower back

While pain medication can help to ease the symptoms of a trigger point, trigger point injections go straight to the source and target the knot that’s causing the pain.

Trigger point injections, which consist of an anesthetic and steroid combination, are sometimes prescribed to alleviate the pain from conditions like:

In addition to being minimally invasive, trigger point injections are fast-acting, and many people report experiencing relief soon after receiving an injection. 

What causes trigger points?

Several factors can cause trigger points in your muscles, some of the most common being repetitive stress, an injury, inflammation, hormones, or living a sedentary lifestyle. 

Anyone can develop one or more trigger points, which can cause moderate to severe pain and limit your physical activity. Trigger point injections can be used on their own to treat muscle tension and pain or in combination with other pain treatments, like medication and physical therapy, depending on the cause and severity of your injuries.

For more information about trigger point injections and to find the pain management treatment plan that’s right for you, contact Republic Spine and Pain today to schedule an appointment with one of our pain specialists in the Austin or Georgetown, Texas, area. 

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