Is Ketamine Infusion Therapy Safe?

Is Ketamine Infusion Therapy Safe?

Finding lasting and effective relief from chronic pain can be difficult and frustrating. If you’re one of the millions of American adults living with chronic pain, chances are you’ve experimented with various pain management plans and treatments. Maybe something that worked well in the past has become less effective at alleviating your pain or stopped working completely.

Regardless of your circumstances, you don’t have to settle for a life of pain. Our pain management doctors and specialists at Republic Spine and Pain offer a range of comprehensive pain management treatments, including ketamine infusion therapy. There are offices in convenient locations, including Georgetown, Leander, and Austin, Texas.

Is ketamine infusion therapy safe?

Ketamine has been used for decades as a type of anesthesia for surgical procedures. Over time, doctors and medical researchers realized that ketamine could help manage symptoms for people experiencing severe depression and suicidal ideation. 

Ketamine infusion therapy may provide relief of chronic pain symptoms by interfering with the neurons responsible for sending out pain signals in your central nervous system. Like any pain treatment, ketamine infusion therapy should always be prescribed and administered under the supervision of an experienced medical doctor or licensed pain specialist.

Ketamine infusions are typically recommended for cases of severe and chronic pain resistant to other forms of pain treatment. Our team of pain doctors and specialists will perform a comprehensive evaluation of your medical history, current and former pain treatments, your symptoms and current health profile, and other relevant health and lifestyle factors to find the best pain management and treatment for your needs.

The dosage used to treat pain symptoms is adjusted accordingly, so you get the best results from your ketamine infusions without anesthetic effects. 

Like some types of pain medication, ketamine can have addictive effects on some people. Let us know if you have issues or concerns in this area, or if you’re taking other pain medications or prescriptions for other health issues.

Some people may experience high blood pressure, nausea or vomiting, altered perception of time or the physical environment, and temporary dissociation (out-of-body experiences). 

As most people with chronic pain know, there’s no such thing as a “cure-all” or one size fits all solution for treating pain. Most pain management plans include one or more treatment options depending on the severity, duration, and underlying cause of pain. 

Republic Spine and Pain is dedicated to working one-on-one with each patient to find the safest and most effective solution.

For more information about ketamine infusion therapy and the pain management treatment services available at Republic Spine and Pain, contact us today to schedule an appointment with a pain management specialist at one of three convenient locations in Georgetown, Leander, and Austin, Texas.

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