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As a result of the compassionate care we deliver, we develop lasting relationships with our patients. Many times we hear from our patients about how the doctors and staff at Republic Spine & Pain have helped them. For those of you we hear from, we thank you for passing along your kind words.

Here are some of our favorites:

"Absolutely Great – We have been very pleased with the service we received from Dr Ostadian and his team.

I came to his office on November 16th with extreme pain in my neck and radiating down my left arm with my hand partially numb. He did some tests, indicated that he could help with some of the pain, but we needed to have an MRI done quickly because he was certain that there was something seriously wrong. The MRI was done yet that day and he received the results back late in the afternoon and the results were not good.

He contacted me that evening and had already consulted my situation with a surgeon and made arrangements for me to see the surgeon on Thursday. I had surgery on Friday November 19th in the afternoon and have been recovering since then.

Dr Ostadian and his team have been keeping track of my progress ever since. I would recommend the Republic Spine and Pain P.A to anyone needing to have pain relief.

Their hands on caring team was absolutely great."

 ~ Kevin

"Rest assured your in the RIGHT place! – Gonna try to keep it short & sweet, very hard when you can go on for days about Republic Spine & Pain.

I called into the office of Republic Spine & pain on a Monday morning, woke up with my neck in so much pain I could not even stand straight or hold my head up straight.

I got scheduled an appointment within the hour! I could not express in words my pain or graditude! HOLLY MOLLY ! It was really luck on my side for getting me to (1) find them, SUPER easy (2) walk out of there pain free!! " Heck Yeaha!" meeting Dr. Yeh has been the most wonderful thing for me, he listens to me & where I have pain! Ah mazing!

Dr. Yeh has figured out my source of pain, I thought it was a pinched nerve but of course it had to be a little more serious then that but with his help I am on my way to being pain free! The staff is wonderful! Maria always smiling, Courtney always in a great spirit . The whole staff is great!

Location very easy to find & the best thing of all is that these 2 Doctors, are SUPER! They know what there doing!! I cannot express how "thankful" I am for meeting Dr. Yeh! I love that guy! I did mention ...his crocks/berkinstocks had to go, great socks though! lol

Republic Spine & Pain Rocks!!!! Live your life Pain free!! "


"Alan And Vickie would like to take this time to let all know that having been treated by Dr. Yeh has changed our lives in the best ways possible. Alan has such a better outlook on life now than before treatment. We both owe alot to the Doc. The pain in my back is just about gone."

~ Thanks so much Alan and Vickie

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